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Photo Work

Display the things you love in the form of a stunning oil painting.

We offer high-quality reproductions of your family photos, vintage postcards, and so much more. Once restored the image can be made available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

With over 30 years of experience restoring old photos and artwork, we are able to provide everything from simple photo touch-ups to complete image restorations and everything in between. We have the expertise you need; to restore your beloved image.


While working on your image, we do not paint or touch the original precious photograph. Instead we scan it to make a digital version and then work on the digital version. If it is a very old photo that you need us to work on, once we have a digital scan of it, we advise that you store the image in a dark flat place.

Our photo work prices start from just £25.00

When price agreed please send: Either a large scan by online site ‘WeTransfer’ (free) or send the picture itself by Recorded Delivery. If in doubt, please call or email.

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Colour Image Restoration

The original photo was very old and had become washed out, the client asked if we could restore the photo back to its original glory in color.

Torn Photo Restoration

Sadly this clients photo had become damaged and torn into two pieces. Using our expertise we were able to join the pieces together and restore the photo to it’s original state.

Examples Of Past Photo Restorations

How Photo Restorations Work

Step 1

Send us a copy of the image that needs restoring. Either via email or using the form above.

Step 2

We will review the image and contact you with a quotation to carry out the required work.

Step 3

Email a high-quality scan of the image or post the original to us. We create a digital version & return the original.
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